Cartography and funding (empty zones)
(2017-05-14, 11:50)Kellogs Wrote: Dear Friends,

In my spare time I am contacting user groups, communities and interested people to point out the importance of Blitzortung lightning detection projet. I am interested in filling "empty zones". This is quite interesting as empty zones cannot be filled "immediately" and several stations are needed (as well as hardware in some case). It means that we shall encourage people to work together.

Here are my questions:

1) Coverage map

The list of stations is available here.

Is there a raster map available somewhere with zoom in-out to visualize approximate geographical coordinate of stations.

2) Grid
Are you planning to define an official grid where there should be at least 1 to n stations in the grid.

This will help user in their settings, detecting low-range or long-range lightnings (stop me if I am wrong).
It could help amateur meteo with statistics.

Also it could help me target zones where it would be nice to have new users.

If there is no grid approach, please let met propose a solution and set-up my own raster server.

3) Funding

If you need funding, I may be able to help. I know you are not looking for money and this is a hobby. But it might be interesting for certain zones (ex: Africa or South-America) to find a sponsor (company or organization) that would install an initial network of 10 to 50 stations, pay for hardware, just for a good start. If you are interested, please let me know and I can contact you privately. I don't need to collect the money, companies or organization will purchase directly from you.

I am French and I speak German also.

Kind regards,
1. The exact locations of stations are not revealed publicly due to various international privacy laws. does provide general 'zoom' settings at public zoom levels.
2. Network is divided into regions. Some stations send data to multiple regions. Most do not.
3. Because of the nature of the Blitzortung Network, legal restrictions, etc, no 'outside' funding is anticipated at this time.

Kellogs does NOT speak for or represent Blitzortung Org, developers, operators, or moderators of this forum.

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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