Housing system blue
The GPS is used as very accurate global synchronised clock so that signals sent to the servers have accurate Time of Arrival timestamps. No GPS = No Signals sent to the server.

You'll have to experiment to find a good place for the GPS antenna, within a few metres of the controller. How much sky it can see is important. If your appartment is on the 2nd floor and balcony faces across the street to another equallly high building it can't see much sky. Behind a window, with a more open view, would be a better location. It doesn't have to be out in the open mine is in a loft under a slate roof.

I'm slightly concerned about up to 12 floors of cable from the antennas to controller, through a building. OK the connection is balanced and the cable screened but it's still risking induced noise getting in. Could the controller be placed up near the antennas? Short H and E field cables, better sky view for GPS antenna. Ethernet is far less susceptable to interference. Power? Use proper Power over Ethernet. My controller is powered via PoE, a search should find more details.

Or is security a problem with the controller near the roof?

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