Blue System: PreAmp & Antenna Questions
(2018-02-27, 22:35)mwaters Wrote:
(2018-02-27, 18:38)BassJohn Wrote: 1) On the pre-amp board are the connectors A-1,A-2 and B-1,B-2 relate to the vertical antennas?
2) On the pre-amp board is the connector C-1,C-2 for the optional horizontal antenna?
3) I intend to use my loop antenna I had on my Green system, Which I was under the impression it did not matter which way it pointed, is this still so?
4) On the Green system the loop antenna windings were wound in a certain direction, and had to be wired up to the Green pre-amp the correct way, is this still so for the Blue system, if so which end of the loop goes to which connector (1, 2) ?

Hello John,

Dave just beat me to it, but my answer was going to include a link to this documentation that explains a lot of what you asked.

3) It does not matter how you orient your antennas
4) It doesn't matter .


Thank you

I did have a good read of the documentation before posting, however I struggled to locate what I was looking for.

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