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(2019-03-18, 23:50)ho4440ew Wrote:
(2019-03-17, 22:21)cutty Wrote:
(2019-03-17, 21:39)ho4440ew Wrote: Hi Cutty, thanks for the fast answer.
1. anonymous ist set to "N"
2. what to hell is LMO and why is the updating not fast as usual?
3. and what is this "something going on"?

Is there a software were I can see what kind of signal my machine is detecting and were it is coming from?

1. Great... make sure your 'antenna configuration /  channel configuration" is correct.. H would be 0-2, E would be 3 only for BLUE...any 'disabled' channels would be 'not defined'.. e.g. 'H 2, if no antenna', and 'E 4 and 5 are for RED systems only.
2. LMO is 'LightningMaps.Org"... a separate but Official Blitzortung Website.. the one that doesn't 'see you' as yet,
3. the something going ion would be a 'bug' I haven't been informed about, or an attempt at satire / irony / sarcasm /arrogance, whatever, in  this case. Rolleyes...heh

You can view signals on your controller GUI before they are sent. You can view signals ion your Operator's page at BT (Blitzortung. org) and you can see them on LMO when the database decides your are a real station, or whatever...
... Since you're region 3, "Americas"  you'll be able to see them on Sferics.US"  when I get around to adding you, and several others manually, and if you establish an account there,... but I'm, bogged down right now... as are Tobi and Egon, and some things are happening slow...

Quote:Is there a software were I can see what kind of signal my machine is detecting and were it is coming from?

My Gosh.. we wish there were!  If you've got noise, etc, you're on your own... if it's 'stroke', the data etc can show you what and where...  that is part of this great project... the optimization phase for a new station...and it's operator.. heh...   heh heh... heh... Lightning ...gotcha...

Relax.. things will be fine  You're in for a great experience.. this is one of the most fascinating things I've ever been involved with, and great things are coming for this hobbyist network...

OK Cutty, I checked all this things you mentioned above! I´m very patiened and not in a hurry, but there is some thing that wonders me!  Why are newer stations then mine online but not 2399?
When I press the little yellow spot in front of my station number this error message show up, but on the other hand I press on stations with a higher number than mine 2399 and also user 1872 with higher number as mine 1870 I can see the signals they are receiving and all the details. What do I wrong? Why I´m not seeing my own? Sorry for my stupid questions! And of course I´m on the COOK ISLANDS and they do not belong to South America - we are much closer to NewZealand !
Stations: 2399

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