Strange goings on - started at 00:00 Oct 30 2022
Earlier this afternoon I discovered that my system ( 1890, system blue ) went offline at 00:00 on Oct 30 2022. Logging in to the box showed everything was working EXCEPT for GPS. Checking the GPS antenna, and trying another antenna, made no difference. The GPS light is off, and it shows as no GPS detected. Rebooting the box made no difference - GPS seems to be totally dead.

It was at this time that I discovered that according to the lightning maps, at least half of the detector sites in Australia seemed to have gone offline at the same time (00:00 on Oct 30, 2022).

This seems like a very unlikely coincidence!

The lightning map is also showing almost no lightning AT ALL in the Australian region, despite large numbers of severe thunderstorms currently active in several parts of the country - including a row of storms within 500km of my location!
What could be the cause of all this? How could more than half the detectors in the region go offline at the same time?  Huh

I managed to get my 2nd unit (2979) operational, and it seems to be working correctly. GPS has (finally) reached 95% availability - took well over 3 hours to do so....


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