LPATS IV - what could i do with it?
OK, so here's the first round of pictures.
They're not specific, they're just what I'd call "identifying" shots of the parts.
If you want closeups of specific areas, just describe where (or mark up one of my pics).

From the front... boring Smile
[Image: lpats-front.jpg]

Door open to show the layout.
[Image: lpats-inside.jpg]

The three PCBs.... processor, analog, and the GPS engine.
[Image: lpats-pcb1.jpg]

[Image: lpats-pcb2.jpg]

[Image: lpats-pcb3.jpg]

And the boring back panel, I need to take this again without all the cables obscuring labels.
[Image: lpats-rear.jpg]

This has been in service continuously for over 15 years. It really should have had a clean out but hasn't. It has 2 or more large fans but no filters to speak of, which explains why it is so dusty inside!
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