Robotic lawnmower interference?
(2014-07-30, 22:40)Cutty Wrote:
(2014-07-30, 21:48)W3DRM Wrote: Two thoughts here:
  1. Does the robotic lawnmover run continuously or only when you want to mow your grass? If the latter, then it would only be a problem when you mow.
  2. Most new members/owners of a Blitzortung system wrongly believe the longer the distance they get from their detectors, the better it is. When you have a large network like Blitzortung does, the best results come from everyone contributing their shorter distance detections to the entire network. Setting the gain of your detector too high results in many signals being submitted to the servers and thus, creating unnecessary traffic from data that is not used. It is the quality of those signals that is important, not the distance of any given detector. Remember, we should be thinking QUALITY not QUANTITY when it comes to lightning data detection.
I had the same thought, Don... Why do these things have to run 24/7? Do they treat it like a pet fence, afraid the lawnmower will escape and get hit by a car? Big Grin I've said it before... "Get Sheep" They'll keep it cut short, fertilize it, provide warm material for cold weather, and are a renewable resource, if you don't eat 'em.Lightning

After reading over some of the sales documentation for these robotic lawnmowers, I think the device is a prime subject to be stolen from a yard. Thus, they have built-in theft protection that detects when the mower is picked-up and/or removed. They must have some kind of a sensing circuit that determines when the mower is moved without an internal command. So, the rest of the world has to suffer due to their inherent possibility that the device may be stolen.

(2014-07-31, 01:07)Ross.Wheeler Wrote:
(2014-07-30, 22:40)Cutty Wrote: "Get Sheep"

Alpaca, thankyou! Sheep are just so stupid.... and destructive to the ground! Smile

Goats are also used for the same purpose...
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