direct connection requirement
(2014-08-26, 15:14)Cutty Wrote: Up to 1500ms latency could be an issue, as you are aware....

There is also something I've observed working down there: sometimes when you first establish an internet connection there is a considerable delay, maybe 5-10 seconds, in making a connection through the satellite. I don't know the cause, nor have I tested whether it continues for repeated data transfers or how long you must go with no data before the connection is "dropped" and require reconnection for the next data packet.

I've also asked out field station manager if there are any plans for a faster/more consistent connection down there.

I'm interested in a receiver there because it's extraordinarily quiet there; no light, no radio, nothing but nature...and the occasional car passing on a dirt road. And all the electricity you could use--solar, so there might be some inverter noise I'd need to work around.

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