Not able to zoom in as much as before
(2015-07-05, 19:41)calvinphelps Wrote: Zoomed in to 200 m

Only able to zoom in to 2 k

I used to be able to zoom in to 200 m per unit. Now I can only zoom in to 2 k per unit. This issue happens on both my laptop and iPhone so I don't think it's an issue with my devices. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Does anyone have a solution? I liked to be able to view the strikes that were basically in my front yard. Now I just see the area around me.


there is some display / data access revision being done.... first of all, you may be using IE, since I only see 3 options in the upper right.  Try reloading the page to display the 'missed' 4th portion of the menu. That won't solve this issue, however.
The "Real Time" map appears to be running at max resolution of 2 km regardless of 'login status'. The 3 regional maps will go to 1 km for Public, and 100m for Logged in Operators.
For the higher ZOOM, as it is working right now, you must be a logged in user/operator to explore more resolution and the data only available to operators.  Not all data is publicly available, and was never intended to be.  The new irritation also may be related to the upcoming "Blue" system as server operation and processing is updated. 
I suspect you have seen the 'last' of the higher resolution detail in a 'public' venue.
There have also been modifications for 'lightning stroke' time data maps, Public vs Operator logged in.

There may be other changes or revisions over the next months. 


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