Noise spikes on board, System Blue
(2016-06-15, 15:08)Andrew.Instone-Cowie Wrote:
(2016-06-15, 13:06)Jorgeminator Wrote: I'm seeing noise spikes which appear on the board. These spikes still appear with the H-field pre-amplifier unplugged. I'm guessing this could be the result of me not grounding the board? It only happens on channel 1A.

[Image: RWRJeHh.png]

I also see those....

I tried grounding the board at the SMA connector like Richo said in another thread, but the spikes are still present. Otherwise the noise suppression and detection rates are excellent, I'm picking up strikes as far away as Turkey and Siberia (3000-5000km) with the 200mm ferrite rods.
One noise source that I'm aware of is our induction cooktop, the noise goes through the roof when someone is cooking.
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