having issues?
(2017-11-24, 03:09)allsorts Wrote: Er, there was no lightning to speak of in Europe... that's not beacuse the blizortung region 1 servers are down, it because there really was no lightning. I checked several other sites using different data sources, they didn't have any lightning either.

O.K Dave I got the same reply when I emailed Egon. I am still receiving strokes at an ample rate and at good strength.
Therefore, if there is no lightning in Europe why are all these and 6 pages more of stations sending so many signals to the servers.

And 8+ pages more!
Having slept on it, there is still a problem with Blitzortung since yesterday at about 10 o'clock in the morning. Maybe, Someone tripped over the cable and pulled the plug?



These attachments are from my station, but I have checked many other stations and they are all the same.

Also, having slept on it, even if there is lightning at Europe it is not at a very high level!
So! WHY are all these stations sending so many signals to the server?

And 8+ pages more.

Kindest regards,

Brian. Confused Huh Sad

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