System Blue GPS problem
I have just finished building my new system blue. When I fired it up, the GPS worked but kept dropping out. Now it has stopped working at all. The only way I can get it to work is to power down for a good while and then power it up again. This enables it to work for a few minutes and then it shuts down again. Seems like a heat related problem, a dry joint maybe?
Can anyone help me to diagnose this please?
(I cant search for GPS in the forum because searching for three letter words is prohibited.)
Hi Steve,

Whereabouts are you? There is a problem specific to Japan and Australia, which is fixed in the latest firmware updates.
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This link may provide some background.
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Hello Dnh2016,

Thanks for the reply.

I am in Queensland, Australia, so have the same problem you had.
How do you send PMTK352,1
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Found it.

Tools -> GPS -> GPS Command -> Individual

See how that goes.

Thanks again
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If this is the problem, just update the firmware. It was fixed in Firmware 8.0 ("* fix: ignoring GPS messages from QZSS satellite"). I doubt you're running firmware that old though, so it might be another issue.

Do you have another GPS antenna you can try? I was using a cheap eBay antenna and losing the GPS fix quite regularly (availability on the controller page was about 60-80% most days). I had no errors in the log, apart from it noting that the GPS was unavailable. Swapped in another antenna from Adafruit which I'd used for a Raspberry Pi project, and all my problems went away.

This is the antenna I'm now using with no problems:
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Hi piepants,

I am using
  • Firmware Rev. 8.0-b5 BLUE / Jun 8 2016 10:34:04

I have sent PMTK352,1 and so far it seems to be working.
Time will tell.
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Do you know how to access the debug log? It would be good to see the output if the GPS fails again.

Welcome and happy tracking.
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OK; I've regressed to 8.0-b5, and I am having the same dreaded GPS problems.

2016-11-15 05:48:53    114 | GPS: Unknown sentence GNGSA etc...

So it looks as though that issue exists in that version.

Are you familiar with the firmware update procedure?
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8.3b2_blue does not have the issue. I've switched back to it, and the problem immediately disappeared; however this is a beta version.

8.2 has also been tested by me and it does not have the problem.
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Yup, that bug is fixed in newer firmware, so updating with one of the files DnH2016 linked will fix the issue permanently. Smile

Just ensure you use a "Blue" firmware. Go to the controller page, click the Tools menu, then the "Firmware" button. Select the file you downloaded and follow the prompts!
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It has been running fine since the PMTK352,1 command, so you were onto it.

I have now upgraded to
  • Firmware Rev. 8.2 BLUE / Sep 29 2016 14:10:51
see how that goes.

Thanks for your help.
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Looks like you are in business... detecting strokes already!
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