Collaboration around the world with GNNS ground based stations
I am also thinking about the RIPE community:

The RIPE community provide a USB dongle in order to test IPv6 connectivity worldwide with more than 30.000 network probes.

Here is a list of anchors, mostly Internet access companies :

Here is a list of probes:

Probe list is private but anchor list is not, as we can use IPv6 reverse mapping to find the real address.

I posted this message on their forum:

Quote:Dear Friends from RIPE community,

This is my first post on the forum. I would like to point out to the
community the existence of a free community providing a network device
for Lightning and Thunderstorms in Real Time:

The device works the same as a RIPE probe, except that it collects
information about lightning via radio and delivers the information to a
central network of computers for data processing.

If you are network specialist hosting very expensive network devices,
it might be interesting for you to participate in the effort to build a
  free community and host a Blitzordnung device in your premisses. 

All information can be found on
and BlitzOrdnung forum :

BlitzOrdnung coverage is good in Europe and North America, but
BlitzOrdnung needs more devices in Africa/South America/China and
Russia. All help is welcome and may save you a lot of money in
lightning protection.

Kind regards,

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