Antenna - The never ending story
After mulling @RichoAnd 's post, and seeing how poorly my stations perform when the lightning is very close, I would like to pick your collective and experienced educated brains about something.  Angel

In the spirit of Richo's (our esteemed antenna expert) post above, I am seriously considering reducing the number of turns on one of my 2 stations (1977) to less than 4.

At some point in the past, in the context of a one meter diameter wire H-field loop, Richo declared that " 3 or 4 turns is enough for a System Blue".
Well, I used 4 turns on both of my stations, thinking that more is better. Should I have used just 3 turns?
  • Would 3 turns be sufficient?
  • Or would just 2 or even 1 turn be best?

How do my 4 turn loops compare to the ferrite-core loops that most folks purchased from @Egon?
Do they output more voltage? Is the gain the same?

However, my station does not perform as well as some others when lightning is close, the vast majority of which are using the ferrite loops purchased from Egon. This is the case regardless of how I change the gains or other settings.

For various reasons, at this time I cannot build Richo's design above. Nor can I do a lot of trial-and-error.
Mike W.
Stations: 1977, 2294

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