Problem after updating firmware. blue 8.32b
After doing some tests with a multimeter. It appears C430 is now a short circuit and L403 is now open circuit, R405, the closest path to ground still reads 82 ohms?
My test equipment, little experience with failures in SMD parts and lack of replacements for these components doesn't permit me to come to any further conclusions at present.
Something has caused C430 to fail and it appears that L403 has acted as a fuse?
I will try to get replacements as quickly as possible and hope that not too much else is damaged.
Obviously, without L403 there is no power to the amplifier for the E antenna. Therefore no signals!
Any suggestions gratefully accepted.


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RE: Problem after updating firmware. blue 8.32b - by readbueno - 2017-09-05, 14:33

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