Housing for System Blue (laser cut/3d print)
O.K. Folk's! I know absolutely nothing I am just another grumpy old fool! Huh
Forgive/ignore my input/intrusion into this topic. Blush
My profuse apologies!
We can all believe what we want to, but that does not make it true? Dodgy
Intuitively, if a electronic circuit has a metal case, it is better shielded than the same circuit without that case? Angel
Maybe, you have just got the settings correct to cover/mask any bad effects? Exclamation
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Brian. 1856 Vilaboa. Smile
P.S. I am never right in any of the forums that I post in! Even, when I agree with people, there is always someone that wants to disagree. I am too old to fight. So, just ignore me and I will fade into the background gracefully. Cool Big Grin

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