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(2020-09-29, 15:15)pr06 Wrote: ...

I have tried to respond indicating my purchase requirements by replying to the email b...tung@ gmx . o__ but that immediately failedĀ (mxgmx001) Nemesis ESMTP Service not available
554-No SMTP service
554-Reject due to policy restrictions.

Unfortunatelly I do not remember whether this is the right address. The reply address should be mentioned in your invitation mail. What I can say is that GMX is a well known mail provider in Germany andĀ .org is one of its TLDs. Thus the address does look plausible to me.

I tried to lookup the error messages of GMX. The first two error messages are not documented by GMX. The last one exists in three flavours:
5xy Reject due to policy restrictions (header based)
5xy Reject due to policy restrictions (domain based)
5xy Reject due to policy restrictions (ip based)

The first is about invalid header information. The second and third is about spam suppression: The domain or the IP is known to have sent spam in the past.
If you have a second mail account with a different provider, try to send your reply to Egon from the other mial address.

Just found another report of the same error messages. The conclusion was that GMX classifies the sending mail server as spam sender. The reason may be a bad reverse DNS entry.


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