the expanding circles displayed on the website
(2014-08-27, 01:10)Cutty Wrote:
(2014-08-27, 00:53)clif9710 Wrote: Thanks. That answers all but one of my questions - about the radius of the fixed circles on maximum zoom - radius indicating intensity of the strike?
Error deviation... best location somewhere inside that radius.

Very interesting! There are implications from that - one would be that the size of the circle relative to others from strikes nearby would indicate strength of the strike, because stronger strikes would be likely to be detected by more stations, improving the accuracy of the detection, hence the circle would be smaller.

Those fixed circles could also be used to indicate the quality of coverage. The smaller the average circle for strikes in a given area, the better the station coverage for that area. So, if I were to go in full zoom and check different regions around the U.S., for example, if I notice that the size of circles is very small, I could assume that there were more stations covering that area.

There's a whole lotta info in the displays and the more who participate, the better the displays become.

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