You need more detectors in SoCal US
(2017-06-10, 13:31)Cutty Wrote:
(2017-06-10, 07:35)xycmu Wrote: I have been and still am willing to host a detector in Las Vegas, NV, but in 2014 I was told all units were sold out and to stay tuned. I haven't been contacted since. I entered my email address on the list again today but unfortunately my waiting position is beyond 2,000. It sure would be nice to host and contribute.

Re-entering your request would have bumped you down!  It's also possible that any 'notification' of availability
may not have reached you for some reason! Also, posts and requests here on the forum have nothing to do with 'ordering' or 'requesting' a kit...
Send an email direct to Egon... he may be able to work with you, depending on other priority status and kit availability...

Kits are prepared with these general priorities, however... note that  #4 generally, and #3 selectively refer to the 'request' list...
others generally expedited through direct requests or notifications to Egon.
1.  Replacement of an older GREEN system.
2.  Replacement of a damaged or failed RED or BLUE system.
3.  Orders to areas of no or low station density / coverage
  3a.  The occasional special inquiry from a scientific or research institution such as NASA, ESA, NOAA, etc
4.  NEW Orders actually made from the 'interest' list in order of date received.

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