(2014-09-26, 16:26)Cutty Wrote: Well, Ben... I don't know... I do not have that issue with WIN 7 or 8 with either IE or FF, Chrome...
Now, There are some issues just announced with IOs8 updates... and some malware sneaking in.. Apple is asking folks to roll back recent updates. Now, I have no idea if either of those are causing your issue,... just saying...

You won't see this Cr*p on windows, it is a setting made BY THE FORUM ADMINISTRATOR so that mobile devices are spammed with this junk, I don't know if it infects Android as well or if it is just aimed at ios, but it realy spoils your browsing having to deal with this sh*t. (As you can guess I am NOT HAPPY about this)
It is easy to turn off at the forum end, the Taptalk web site details how to kill it. But to remove it from my end I would have to pay for a proxy filtering app to block it, I would rather disable my Blitzortung feed than do that!!
Nb this has NOTHING to do with Apple, it is the forum pushing SPAM to mobile users!!
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