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Offset adjustment - radiofarol - 2017-06-11

Does someone tell me why the system graphic of my detector show always a offset of + 50/60mV from zero? Can I adjust this anywhere? In the web interface, a can`t find any adjustment for this! It`s seem any wrong value in the ADC.  Huh
  • Sampling per InputResolution: 12bits, Period: 666ns = 500.0kSPS, Time: 2000ns

  • ADC1
    • Input1 Amp-Channel 3 , Offset 26mV, no Trigger
    • Input2 Amp-Channel 4 , Offset 30mV, Trigger -90mV/90mV
  • ADC2
    • Input1 Amp-Channel 2 , Offset 30mV, Trigger -95mV/95mV
    • Input2 Amp-Channel 3 , Offset 25mV, no Trigger
  • ADC3
    • Input1 Amp-Channel 1 , Offset 39mV, Trigger -95mV/95mV
    • Input2 Amp-Channel 2 , Offset -151mV, no Trigger

  • Thanks for your help!
Carlos Mourato

ST ID 1846

RE: Offset adjustment - kevinmcc - 2017-06-12

That is normal.

There is a slight DC component that causes the offset.

Not adjustment is needed, and why there is no option.

RE: Offset adjustment - radiofarol - 2017-06-12

Tanks a lot lot Kevin for your reply. I understanding that is a sliht DC component. I was a bit worried that this offset would change the results of the system, but if Kevin says it's normal, I'll be calmer. Thanks again!
Best 73 Carlos CT4RK

STID 1846