Housing for System Blue (laser cut/3d print)
Hi all.

Just got my System Blue built and ready for use, however, I currently don't have a housing for the unit.

I have a laser cutter and access to a 3D printer.

Are there any laser cut files (I will make out of acrylic) or 3D print files available for System Blue so I can make my own housing?

If so, could you please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!
At first, I just hung my controller from whatever was handy along the wall of my basement. Later, I copied what Cutty (Mike, one of the moderators here) did and used a clear polycarbonate anti-static hard drive shipping box. Photo at http://www.w0btu.com/files/misc/Lightnin...1977photos.

But it sounds like you can do much better that I did!

EDIT: Where are you located?
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Thanks Mike.

I'm located in Melbourne, Australia. There's a couple of sites around the city already, but the strike detection rate is usually quite unreliable. I'm hoping this system will greatly improve that.

It's being installed on the roof of a medical facility, and the controller in a server room, so it all needs to look very professional.

Ah, I was wondering where the controller would be located, inside, outside, hidden or on view. In a server room a 1U rack case containing the controller, PSU, with connectors on the back and blinking lights on the front might be easy to install if there is rack space... Something like:


Not so much fun as making something from scratch though.

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Is it too late to buy the housing from Ergon? It's a great looking enclosure, albeit relatively expensive ...
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I've designed and test cut a box on the laser. Just needs a few adjustments and I'll have the final design. I'll post the files here for anyone looking to make their own
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