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2019-04-21, 16:48
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2019-04-18, 12:10
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2019-04-15, 21:46
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Station List not showing ...
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  Lightningmaps.org archive map area and projection
Posted by: artyb - Yesterday, 09:11 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - No Replies


I wonder if you could share the area and projection type settings used to produce the archive maps? It'd help users locate a region more accurately. Personally the UK and Europe (Big) ones would be most useful initially.

Thanks for the website etc,

Best Wishes,

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  Internes Forum für Stationsbetreiber?
Posted by: Simlock - 2019-04-17, 07:11 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

kann man sich nicht mehr in das interne Forum als Stationsbetreiber anmelden um z.B. die aktuelle Firmware für das System Blue herunterzuladen?
Ich kann mich zwar mit meinen Blitzortung-Anmeldedaten anmelden um z.B. Angaben zu meiner Station zu ändern, will ich aber in das interne Forum für Stationsbetreiber, lande ich als Gast im normalen Forum. Zugriff auf interne Daten wie z.B. aktuelle Firmware habe ich somit nicht. Wurde da was mit dem Forum geändert oder was ist da los?


Translated with Google translator:
you can no longer log into the internal forum as a station operator for example. to download the latest firmware for the System Blue?
Although I can log in with my lightning location credentials for example to change information about my station, but I want in the internal forum for station operators, I end up as a guest in the normal forum. Access to internal data such as I do not have the latest firmware. Was there something changed with the forum or what's going on there?


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  Ad Free Experience
Posted by: JetSetDev - 2019-04-15, 20:12 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (3)


I am new here and I have got to say I love this service. I work in an airport and I use this website to track storms and give customers information. I would really like to see an ad-free version and even willing to pay, but am I correct to assume this is not an option? Any way to go ad free?

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  Any source for lightning strikes?
Posted by: Johnlarry - 2019-04-15, 18:07 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

I have a dog that is very afraid of thunder. So much so that she starts getting anxious when she see's just the flash of light from a lightning strike, even if we never even hear the thunder or it's very faint. Links deleted.

Given this, I would like to setup an automation that will turn on the lights in the room she sleeps in at night if there is a lightning strike within X miles, then turns them off if there isn't another strike within a certain time frame. This will at least ease and/or delay her anxiety when storms come at night, since she will be less likely to see the light from the lightning (blinds on the window will be closed already).
I have all the hardware to do this; I use SmartThings, and the lights are on a zwave switch. The part I'm having the most trouble with is a data source for the lightning strikes. Is there a website or RSS feed that I could tap into with IFTTT or soemthing?

Edited by Admin

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  Detector wanted, I can pay 1000 EUR
Posted by: contact@ChangedByAdmin.com - 2019-04-15, 15:43 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)


I am desperately looking for a Blitzortung detector (blue or red, no preference).

I can to pay 1000 EUR for one.

Please contact me if you want to sell yours :  removed by admin

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  Incredible map displays every lightning strike on Earth, in real-time as it happens
Posted by: Johnlarry - 2019-04-13, 06:23 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (1)

Most likely the site is drawing the lines in real time ovo.fyi/lorem-ipsumovo.fyi/emp-mailovo.fyi/10-minute-mail client-side, which can takes more processing power and can cause lag, making it no longer show real-time. Though that's all just an assumption on my part.

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  Station List not showing any United Kingdom stations
Posted by: dgoadby - 2019-04-08, 20:07 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (2)

For over a week now the Station List shows nothing when "United Kingdom" is selected. However, UK stations do show if "Europe" is selected.

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  ELI5: How do lightning tracker websites work?
Posted by: Johnlarry - 2019-04-06, 11:52 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Sitting on the toilet just now during a thunderstorm and a huge bolt of lightning flashed outside that must have been 2-3 miles away. I was watching the live lightning ( links removed by admin) map on LightningMaps.org and the flash that just saw was on my live map within 10 seconds! How is it possible to track the sky on a global scale like that?

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  E-Field Antenna
Posted by: Fernando.Fuentes - 2019-04-03, 13:54 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Is been a while since I have come back to the scene and now that life has allow me once again to peruse my hobbies I am at it again Smile

So I am about to install my E-Field antenna... Do I disconnect my ferret rod antenna once I do?

Thanks for your advice!

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Posted by: ho4440ew - 2019-03-28, 01:01 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (18)

Hallo all lightning fans, see what happened

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