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  About Historical Data
Posted by: zumopac - 2021-10-21, 13:40 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)


Please forgive my lack of knowledge.  I use this website frequently to help determine where wildland fires may start in my region during fire season.  The problem I have is that, if I am not monitoring this site constantly as a storm passes, and plotting the strikes separately, then the information is lost once the strike drops off the map.  It would be of enormous help to me to be able to see strike data for a specific region aver the past 6-12, maybe even 24 hours.  Is there a way to do this?  If so, how?  If not, is it something you folks would ever consider implementing?

Either way, please know that a great many of us in the farm/ranch community are very grateful that this site exists.  Fires often don't take off and burn for several hours after a strike, and it's wonderful to have some data to help us focus our watch efforts.
https://192168ll.red/ https://routerlogin.red/ https://19216801.cc/
Thanks in advance.

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  Lightning strikes displayed in South Africa
Posted by: GBeS29 - 2021-10-21, 13:31 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Good day all,

As I am a newbie in the world of lightning detection, I stumbled across Blitzortung.org. I was amazed to see the amount of lightning strikes. However I do not see any in South Africa.

Does anyone perhaps have an idea as why I am not able to see the lightning strikes in South Africa on the Real Time Map?


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  South East Asia possibilties
Posted by: Dan - 2021-10-02, 11:43 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies


I have been quite interested in Blitzortung for a long while now and use the website regularly when I am in Europe.
However, I have only just signed up, the reason being is that I have a question that I hope someone may be able to answer.

The coverage of strikes around the area in which I am located appears to be a little scant.
This area happens to be Thailand and I have just spent 3 hours watching yet another a stunning lightning show here.

I am a radio amateur and understand many aspects of mainly HF propagation but VLF is not something I have much experience with.
Therefore, I was wondering if a detecting station located in Bangkok would be of any benefit to the overall Blitzortung network?
Would one station here offer any benefit to coverage in the south east asian area, or would one station be inadequate and possibly make no difference at all?

The ambient noise level for HF radio in the city is high, maybe even too high for a VLF station to function. I'm not sure.
But it might be possible for me to construct a remote station around 300km outside of Bangkok where it is electrically very quiet. This would however be a challenge.

I haven't registered to be notified when new hardware might be available as I don't wish to waste anyones time or effort on something unless it would be useful.

So, I would be interested in what those more knowledgable than I think about this.
Please share your thoughts.


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Photo Impressive Gigantic Jet Plasma Event
Posted by: mwaters - 2021-09-24, 20:42 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - No Replies



This Gigantic Jet plasma event occurred over a very powerful thunderstorm near the Virgin Islands and also near Tropical Storm Peter. It was recorded on Sept 20, 2021, at 10:41 pm (02:41 UTC) facing NE from Cabo Rojo, PR. I can't believe that this camera was able to capture the amazing details of the event.
Here is a link to the Vimeo 4k footage of this event: https://vimeo.com/610344547

Impressive! And Gigantic is right: look at the trees. Apparently, this was done with an ordinary camera lens, and not zoomed in. The video is only 6 seconds long, and the picture above was only microseconds long.

I shared this here hoping that the Blitzortung network had recorded it, and had more details about its intensity (such as how far away was it detected, and by how many stations across the globe).

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  Vector map - choosing map style
Posted by: Sparkee - 2021-09-22, 08:43 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (2)

For starters: vector map (https://map.blitzortung.org/) is awesome.
But at least for me it lacks one quite important feature. While it's possible to choose the map style it doesn't seem to work for me. It doesn't matter if the "Save settings in the cookie" is ticked or not, it goes back to the defaults within couple days. I think it would be nice to have it as a another one URL parameter, besides currently used (zoom level and location, I guess).
BTW: I've just found out another map service (https://www.lightningmaps.org/) which seems to partially do the job, but the first one fits me better.

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  Piksekiirus ja väljamõeldis
Posted by: plexswein - 2021-09-21, 16:25 - Forum: Non-English - No Replies

Olen lihtsalt segaduses pärast seda, kui kohtasin kedagi, kes üritas mulle Enelit (üks tükk) seletada.

Põhimõtteliselt oli idee, et kuna meie poolt välk pärineb tagasitulekust (mis tekitab välgu valguse), peab igaüks, kes reageerib piksenoolile, reageerima tagasituleku kiirusele (1/3 LS).

Mul on inimesi, kes ütlevad, et välgulappe ei saa enamasti tagasitulekuni mõõta, kuid miks see idee vale on?

Kas sellepärast, et tegelik välk pole sama kiirusega kui tagasitõmme? applinked

Kui see nii on, siis miks ei saa lihtsalt öelda, et igaüks, kes reageerib välgule (mida me näeme), reageerib tagasilöögile?

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  Statische IP-Adresse des RED-Controllers ändern
Posted by: NormanDeacon - 2021-09-14, 02:21 - Forum: Non-English - No Replies

Hallo Experten,

vor einigen Wochen habe ich einen RED-Controller neuerer Version in Betrieb genommen und einige Zeit im Testlauf gelassen. Er lief störungsfrei, nur die Ergebnisse waren nicht befriedigend. So wurde die Antennen-Seite noch etwas aufgebessert und solange war er wieder offline.

Zwischenzeitlich bekam ich einen neuen Router weil ich den Internet-Anbieter gewechselt habe.
Mein alter Router war, wie meistens üblich, mit der IP ansprechbar. Der neue Router (von Vodafone) hat aber die IP. Diese IP ist leider nicht veränderbar. So habe ich alle angeschlossenen Rechner und SmartPhones und Tablets entsprechend geändert. Sie sind alle wieder Online.
Nur den RED-Controller konnte ich noch nicht anpassen. Für mich ist das Problem die mir nicht bekannte MAC-Adresse, die zur neuen IP des Controllers ( in der Konfiguration angegeben werden muß.
Kann mir da bitte jemand helfen wie ich diese MAC-Adresse erfahren kann. Oder gibt es vielleicht einen Trick, daß sie automatisch in der Controller-Konfiguration generiert wird?

Für einen helfenden Vorschlag bedanke ich mich im Voraus.

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  System BLUE oder RED gesucht
Posted by: Paddy - 2021-09-13, 12:35 - Forum: Non-English - No Replies


ich suche ein System BLUE oder RED, vielleicht hat ja noch jemand eins, das nicht mehr genutzt wird.

Gerne per Mail melden Smile


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Photo Turn-key System Red For Sale - H-Field and E-Field - SOLD
Posted by: Donald.Froula - 2021-09-10, 19:02 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

The system has been SOLD.

Price reduced to $400.00 USD, plus shipping

Hello, all,

Due to downsizing, I have recently decommissioned my System Red station and am offering it for sale.

The system includes:

- System Red main controller board with STM32F4 Discovery Board and LCD
- The LCD gives full display and control of operating conditions, unlike System Blue.
- Controller board mounted in heavy-duty enclosure with transparent lid and two externally-mounted control buttons
- An AS3935 board installed in main controller enclosure for integrated independent detection of local lightning strikes
- A new spare STM32F4 Discovery Board
- A remote GPS antenna with SMA connector (an onboard GPS antenna is also on the main board).
- An H-field amplifier in a heavy-duty enclosure with transparent top.
- The H-field amplifier Includes a stereo line-level jack for audio monitoring lightning signals after amp processing.
- The H-field amplifier connects to the main controller via a shielded Ethernet cable, included.
- Two H-field ferrite antenna rods (of my own design - see https://www.wxforum.net/index.php?topic=19914.0).
- Ferrite antennas are mounted at right angles in a PVC shielded enclosure.
- The enclosure has proper slits in the shielding to eliminate near-field interference.
- The ferrite rods are padded in the enclosure for shock resistance.
- Two spare ferrite antenna rods are included.
- An E-field antenna and preamp board in a weatherproof radome enclosure are included.
- The E-field main amplifier and control board is also included. No enclosure.
- The E-field pre-amp connects to the main amplifier with a 75 ohm TV-style coaxial cable with "F" connectors (not included).
- The E-field amplifier and control board connects to the main controller with a shielded Ethernet cable (included).
- A 5 volt power supply to power the entire system is included.
- All original construction manuals and documentation included.

See a PDF with detailed images at: https://projectmf.net/Blitzortung_Station.pdf (large file!)

Also YouTube video for an overview of an identical system, built for another:


This station operated as #681 on the Blitzortung network for years. It was consistently one of the best-performing stations in the US.

All circuit boards are professional soldered and assembled by me, an electrical engineer and ham operator for 40 years. See images.

Asking $550.00 plus shipping for all, tested and working.

Note: The system will be restored to factory default before shipping I will snapshot the operating parameters from the Web interface, if desired.

Contact: dfroula@sbcglobal.net if interested. I prefer US sales, due to international shipping uncertainties.


Don Froula

[Image: IMG_6660_web.jpg]

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  Station 2058 Wetterstation Gaggenau Blue
Posted by: KraftDie - 2021-09-10, 05:47 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (1)

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe eine kleine Frage bzgl. meiner Station 2058....
Mit Sicherheit ist dies schon mehrfach gefragt und auch beantwortet worden ich habe auch schon gesucht aber leider für mich keine eindeutige Antwort gefunden....

Meine Station 2058 kommt in der Tabelle Stationsliste Germany drei mal vor, was oder wie ist dies inhaltlich zu interpretieren ??
Was mir derzeit nicht klar ist was die einzelnen Regionen zu bedeuten haben 

Germany Europe 1 / Germany Europe 2 / Germany Europe 3

Auszug aus der Stationsliste

Wetterstation Gaggenau Blue
System Blue
Europe 2
2021-09-10 05:25
414 km
2864 km
Wetterstation Gaggenau Blue
System Blue
Europe 1
2021-09-10 05:24
416 km
1288 km

Wetterstation Gaggenau Blue
System Blue
Europe 3
2021-09-10 05:25
415 km
2863 km

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