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  Historical lightning data with Google maps issues on Lightning Maps.org
Posted by: Rain1290 - 2018-08-01, 16:18 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hi there,

I recently noticed that I am no longer able to access historical lightning data by zooming into specific locations (in North America, for example). Is there a reason why this feature was removed (or has it been relocated)? It used to be that you could freely zoom in to a location of interest using Google Maps on Lightning Maps.org with the historical lightning data overlain based on the time frame specified, which couldn't exceed 12 hours. However, that seems to be no longer there, or I am perhaps just overlooking it. If it is still there, could you please show me how to get there (via link)?

Thanks, and I would appreciate any assistance.


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  Historical Maps not updating in hour up to 00:55 UTC
Posted by: DnNclsn - 2018-07-29, 15:57 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (4)

I am seeing one-hour gaps in the history at the same time every day on the Historical Maps. Run the map for 1 hour up to 00:55 and then up to 00:100 UTC on any of the dates below, or the current date. At 00:55, I see no white, yellow or light orange data (sferics within 20, 40 or 60 minutes). At 01:00, sferics for the past hour reappear along with new ones, which is evidence that the data was gathered but was and is somehow held back from the subsystem that underlies the Historical Maps.

It is clear from the regular clock times, calendar dates and global reach that this is some kind of service or developer issue and not a natural phenomenon.

My comment is that many users will be mystified or may misinterpret the data, like dusanfrode (see below), who said, "thunder stopped/slowed down at exact same time all over the world."

My questions are:
1. What was the reason for these data dropouts on the first day of each month, and the periods late October 2016 to late March 2017, and late October 2017 to now?
2. Why were they always at 00:00 (or 23:55) to 00:55 (or 01:00) UTC, and on the 1st of the months?
3. Does the community intend to accept for these to continue indefinitely?

I am a newly registered user. I have searched but found no reference to this specific topic in the Public Forums (one exception below). Apologies if there is an answer in another thread.

Detailed timeline of the occurrences:
The first date I can access the Overview Map is 06:00, 12 November 2015. Since that time, the phenomenon has taken place on the following dates, in the 55-minute or 1-hour period up to 00:55 or occasionally 01:00 UTC, worldwide:
1 July 2016
1 Aug 2016
1 Oct 2016

31 October 2016 to 26 March 2017
1 April 2017
1 May 2017
1 June 2017
1 July 2017
1 August 2017
1 September 2017
1 October 2017
30 Oct 2017 onwards to 29 July 2018 (today).

This was referenced in thread https://forum.blitzortung.org/showthread.php?tid=1672
"The hole [sic] world at the same time" started by dusanofrode.
DelandeC said then, "Unfortunately there has been a network outage in the datacenter yesterday."
Egon provided a GIF showing 2016-04-05 09:00 to 2016-05-05 09:00 UTC, which showed the outage at 2016-04-04 13:25 to 14:25.
The difference was that that was a one-off outage at an arbitrary time of day. Interesting, though, that it seems to have been 1 hour in length.h

The hole world at the same timeTh

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  History maps time stamp
Posted by: artyb - 2018-07-27, 11:59 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (2)

Could I just clarify that the time on the map is the most recent data available in that time window and that the values shown by different colours of eg 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes etc are times before the selected time, not after?
Thanks for this great resource!

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Posted by: stas19982001 - 2018-07-25, 10:50 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (1)

При входе на сайт пишет: Эта услуга временно недоступна! Что делать? Exclamation

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  Location ratio exceeds 100%
Posted by: Drayton - 2018-07-21, 20:02 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (1)

For some reason my location ratio has been way above 100% the last 24 hours.

I'm guessing this has to be a bug or what?

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  System Red Wanted to buy - anything considered
Posted by: dgoadby - 2018-07-19, 13:45 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Has anybody got an unused, unwanted or spare System Red for sale? Maybe you have upgraded to a system Blue and the Red one is gathering dust? Maybe you didn't finish building it or could not get it to work? Do you have an unbuilt kit? Either way I desperately want to purchase one.

Even if your System Red is not working correctly I will buy it as I can repair it. Incomplete kits will be considered providing the PCBs are intact.

If you can help then please email me at david@goadby.net

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  Settings Always Reset To Default
Posted by: 108 - 2018-07-15, 01:31 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (3)


I haven't used your this site since last fall, and I'm annoyed every time I visit it now that my settings don't save, and everything reverts back to default whenever I revisit the lightning detection page. It never used to do this; My settings would always save and be as I left them even months afterwards.

Is this a bug or is it a new "feature" of the site? If it's new, change it back because it really blows!

Undecided 108 Undecided

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  Becomming a member without a station
Posted by: martmiwp - 2018-07-06, 12:48 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hi all,

I want to create for my home area (Bavaria, Germany) a map showing the lightning. This is for my own purpose - any I want to skip the advertisement and other "trash".

After reading through all, I am under the impression, that I need to install a station, to get the access to the data.

My question: Is there another way to become a member without building up a station. ... on donation basis or ?!?!?

To say it: For my own home purposes - Congratulations for this very active community.

Best regards

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  System red controller
Posted by: BraunWer - 2018-07-06, 06:56 - Forum: Non-English - No Replies

Hallo, ich habe eine System "red" und mein Controller ist über das Webinterface nicht mehr erreichbar. Ich habe das letzte aktuelle Update noch gemacht, doch davor gab es schon Schwierigkeiten mit der Erreichbarkeit. Ich bekomme immer die Meldung Zeitüberschreitung. Auch das Display auf dem Controller ist dunkel.
Wie kann ich mich mit dem Controller verbinden, ohne Webinterface?
Besten Dank im voraus

erledigt-- Netzteil defekt

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  Venezuela: Lake Maracaibo
Posted by: JohnFish - 2018-07-04, 08:36 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)


I have found this video about lake Maracaibo

There are storms about 140 to 160 nights a year :
Wikipedia page of the phenomenum

But when I look on the map of Blitzortung I see nothing..

Is this due to a poor coverage of the zone? But we can see some strikes elsewhere in Venezuela.

If someone has a explanation I will appriciate.

Thank you very much.

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