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  Testing USB-chargers
Posted by: RichoAnd - 2018-04-06, 16:16 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (2)

A Danish guy is doing an excellent job, testing among other USB chargers.



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  RJ45 Network
Posted by: Alanpenwith - 2018-03-30, 16:47 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (5)

Hi All
A bit of a continuation of my Lost Controller thread. 
As someone suggested the Vonets wifi connection I thought I would try it. It's a much neater unit than the old access point I got working.  I managed the get the router to see the controller's IP but I can't get a connection through the browser. Also the network led pulses. Looking closely the Vonet rj45 plug seems only to have pins 2 and 3 connected.  So what are the pins used by the controller RJ45 network socket ?

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  Lost controller
Posted by: Alanpenwith - 2018-03-22, 16:06 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (30)

Hi All
Blue system windows 7
I have been trying to set up a shared network having changed from a wired to wireless network for the pc's. Obviously the controller has to stay on wired. Win 7 sets the lan adapter to an ip of for a shared network so before doing this while I could still access the controller I set the dchp to enable and changed the ip to 
Now if I ip scan the 100's I can no longer find the controller. Is there a way of doing a reset and what would the default ip then be. I have tried a power off and on but still no luck.
I am still getting a flashing network led although when I have made contact the data seems to be flowing OK (noise floor shows a continuous trace)
I'm rather stuck so HELP !!! Please !

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  Flashing networks led
Posted by: Alanpenwith - 2018-03-19, 13:45 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - No Replies

Hi All
Blue system 
Suddenly the network led has started flashing on/off at about 1 second intervals. The led keeps on flashing even with the network unplugged. An IP scanner shows up the IP and noise floor switched on shows a continuous trace.
Any ideas ?

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  Radar Interference
Posted by: Alanpenwith - 2018-03-08, 08:48 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

I quite often compare my performance with others fairly close to me on Signal vs Strikes.
I was looking at the statistics for Bridport Dorset UK which is a station not too far from me and noticed how many thousands of signals were produced.
Looking at the signal graph it shows regular E signals and I wondered if a nearby radar installation, maybe at Royal Navy Air Station at Yeovilton, was the cause.
Has anybody else noticed anything similar.

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Posted by: Alanpenwith - 2018-02-27, 19:24 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - No Replies

Hi All
I have my antenna on a window sill where it seems to get best reception. I recently put a new mobile wifi hub within a couple of hundred centimetres and it, I think, created huge interference. Moving it away to about 1/2 metre and the interference looks as though it has stopped. I have no idea why it should happen but it might be a clue for others.
Confused Confused Big Grin

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  Blue System: PreAmp & Antenna Questions
Posted by: BassJohn - 2018-02-27, 18:38 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (5)


I'm on the last legs of setting up my Blue system and have some questions.

1) On the pre-amp board are the connectors A-1,A-2 and B-1,B-2 relate to the vertical antennas?
2) On the pre-amp board is the connector C-1,C-2 for the optional horizontal antenna?
3) I intend to use my loop antenna I had on my Green system, Which I was under the impression it did not matter which way it pointed, is this still so?
4) On the Green system the loop antenna windings were wound in a certain direction, and had to be wired up to the Green pre-amp the correct way, is this still so for the Blue system, if so which end of the loop goes to which connector (1, 2) ?

Regards John

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  Lightning Data Access
Posted by: GHinchey - 2018-02-27, 16:03 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (3)

Hello there.

I'm a college student in my senior year looking to complete my research to acquire my degree.  My research project revolves around lightning strike forecasting and the verification of those forecasting products.  I'm looking for a way to access the lightning strike database this community has built over the years.  I see that I can pull down some imagery of the various strikes, but I really would like to have the raw strike data so that I may plot it versus another data source.

It looks like only contributors are allowed access to this data.  My question is do I need to have an active lightning detector to be a contributor or can I donate towards the cause?  I've been wanting a System BLUE for some time now and I'm on the waiting list to get one.   

If there's any questions regarding my request please let me know.

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  Access to archive data to trace 3 Sprites
Posted by: greg_priestley - 2018-02-20, 00:30 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies


Is there any way that a non-contributor can get access to raw data?

On 16 December 2017 I photographed 3 lightning sprites over a 20 minute period, and wanted to try and more precisely identify where these sprites occurred.  I've been able to run the map:


but would really love access to the raw data so that I don't have to approximate everything from the map.

Would one of the contributors be able to extract the relevant raw data and provide to me (if this is not against the terms of service, etc)?  I really want the data for the above map and time period but it could be limited to 149E to 153E, 29S to 33S.

Thanks in advance

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  GREEN stations
Posted by: ThomasSc - 2018-02-18, 12:50 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)


has the TOA System GREEN support of your servers already ended? If not, when will they be finally taken out of the computations of lightning strikes (see the announcement in the beginning of this thread in 2015).

I ask because I cannot connect to the server anymore.

In the meantime, I have set up a System RED (ID #34) and recently a System BLUE at the same location and they work without any problem.

Best regards,

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