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  Rocket-Triggered Lightning
Posted by: 1_i-mail.ru - 2019-06-01, 14:02 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - No Replies


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  pomoc w uruchomieniu zestawu, mazowieckie, Sokołów Podlaski
Posted by: djrobson - 2019-05-29, 07:31 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (2)

Kupiłem jakiś czas temu zestaw bodajże "system red", używany. Nie mam kompletnie pojęcia jak to uruchomić, jak zacząć, gdzie się zalogować itp. Mam możliwość zamontowania to na dosyć wysokim obiekcie około 50m. Widzę jest kilka stacji działających obok mojej miejscowości.

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  New User / Looking for assembling assistance
Posted by: DocSlyper - 2019-05-27, 14:33 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hey there,
I've found this interesting project while searching around for some things regarding my little weather station. I've also entered the "cover your area" list because I want to setup a station in Lagos, Nigeria for the remaining time we're living here. Due to the fact that I'm not that familiar with all the assembling stuff (e.g. soldering) I'm looking for someone in Germany who can assist me with this.

If there is anyone who is interested in some soldering work, please feel free to contact me (German or English).
Costs for transport etc. will be covered.

Thanks in advance and best regards from Lagos
H.-W. Schlieper

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  Raw Data Contents
Posted by: jon.leman - 2019-05-20, 19:36 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

What information is available in the Raw Data to which participants have access?

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  Map Annotation S:
Posted by: RanHug00 - 2019-05-19, 13:05 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Hello. Blitzortung is a fabulous undertaking. Great work!

On lightningmaps.org, for example, can the map legend information please be updated to describe the meaning of the mapped strike annotations, specifically the "S:" (e.g. S: 13/58)?  I'm sure its documented somewhere, but I cannot find an explanation in the FAQ nor the forums.


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  The number of hits to the database and the appearance of the map - myblitzortung
Posted by: brzanek - 2019-05-19, 05:54 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - No Replies

Hello, I have an application downloaded from the site www.lightningmaps.org and I have several questions.
Where to reduce the number of saved discharges to the mysql database. To save only hits within 300 km from my station and not all.
Another question how to change the look of the google map. In what file to change the water color, the color of the road and so on?

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  Rare "positive" lightning bolt caught on video
Posted by: mwaters - 2019-05-12, 14:41 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - No Replies

Is everything in this interesting article technically correct?

Quote:From the Palm Beach Post: "an unusual bolt of lightning up to 10 times stronger than a typical flash that was caught on video by Boynton Beach resident Erica Hite on Sunday. The so-called continuous current, or positive lighting, which was identified by the National Weather Service in Miami after seeing the video, hit outside Hite’s apartment when she was taking video to show her family how bad the weather was."

The video there shows an orange-colored bolt.

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  Использование данных
Posted by: Vort - 2019-05-08, 08:47 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (5)

Всем привет.

Наткнулся случайно на этот проект, интересная идея и реализация.
Но никак не могу понять - как операторы и прочие пользователи используют собираемые данные?
По сайту и форуму разбросана куча грозных красных предупреждений о том, чего делать нельзя. Но что же делать можно (и нужно)? Просто рассматривать карту?

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  Blitzortung Controller
Posted by: Aelita - 2019-05-07, 13:16 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (6)

I'm somewhat confused on what a lot of the colours and letters mean on the controller since there's no guide for it.

In he gain menu, what does "Disable noise adaption" and "Disable auto amplif. filter" actually mean? What exactly do they do? What does HP on/off mean and what does it do?
On the signals page, what does L and LP mean? Why do the letters turn red? Why does the GPS time sometimes turn red?

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Smile System blue antena setup site.
Posted by: bartasmosina - 2019-05-05, 21:05 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (7)

I have a question.

I made three loop antennas for my blitz blue system.

these are three squares with a diameter of 1m 8 turns

how to fill in the data on the blitz station setup page in the input 0, input 1 and input 2 fields. Should I enter 1000,8 or the diameter will be different? Someone told me that with loop aerials it's about a circle and I have to give the diameter of a circle with the same area of my square area

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