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  Electric vs Magnetic antenna
Posted by: GilbertKE - 2017-12-18, 08:22 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (7)


Does any one know the range (km) that Electric signal can detect? My guess is that Magnetic antenna (H) detects strikes in longer distances than Electric antenna. I see more detections (signals and  effectivity L) with ferrite antennal than E antenna.  

I am also thinking of adding a filter to Magnetic channel. Of the 3 H field channels, which would work best?

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  Effectivity S & M?
Posted by: GilbertKE - 2017-12-18, 08:06 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (3)

What do Effectivity S and Effectivity M represent?

I know effective L represent the number of received signals used to calculate strike position with distance of up to 5000km.

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Photo Africa Region?
Posted by: GilbertKE - 2017-12-17, 02:56 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (2)

I am in Kenya. Do we have a way of updating my region here to Africa? 


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  deleting alerts
Posted by: fmuscat - 2017-12-13, 15:47 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (2)

I created a stroke alert and cannot delete it,  it will appear again after I delete the alert.
any help please?  Dodgy

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  build log [Blue PCB 20.5]
Posted by: yair - 2017-12-09, 11:54 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (7)

hello, just got my station.

1 x main board
2 x ferrite antennas.
+ shipping
+ paypal

total 235.84 €

content [pic]

* PCB 20.5 
** pic
** schematics[1]
** board[1]
* two ferrite antennas
* thru hole components

content arrived with no issues in carton box (10x24x17cm) with some newspaper as filling. 
pcb was inside a zip bag, the pcb sharp corners tore through the plastic bag and were exposed.

the kit didn't come with the 3mm LEDs, luckily i ordered a LED kit a while ago.
there are built in smd leds, which i failed to notice. the holes are to connect to an external led.

i started soldering with my chinese soldering station but i felt it didn't have enough power for handling the F/SMA connectors. 
even the ethernet grounds gave it a fight. so switched to the metcal SP-200 with a fat head. it handled the rest well. with a bit of flux for some. 

i sent my "finished" board picture to @tonuonu (who nudged me into blitzortung) and i noticed i switched the ethernet and mcu crystals. 

[Image: fhRiom7.png]

so i had to do a little rework. 

first blink!


Quote:"The main board is supplied with a 5V USB power adapter. The plug must be a USB-B Mini 5 pin. The power supply is not part of the kit. It must be purchased separately. The power consumption is about 450mA. Please use a 1A or bigger power supply. We have made bad experiences with 500mA power supplies."

first test with a power bank and a "usb doctor"
[Image: jqJeyBg.png]


Quote:You can use any GPS antenna operating with 3.5 Volts. The Antenna is connected via an SMA connector with the main board. The built in GPS module is very sensitive and works with antennas connected by lines of up to 10 meters.

==first boot==
on first boot and after connecting GPS and ethernet i got DHCP address and encountered the "PCB Unknown" error.

[Image: 07r1iff.png]

updated firmware to blue 8.3 from the firmware page. dont forget to actually click the "start update"...

[Image: QUmVpuH.png]
i got 2 ferrite antennas in my order. 

Quote:4.1.2 Ferrite rod antennas

It is not necessary to align the two antennas to north/south and west/east. The antennas only have to be placed horizontally
[...] strip the insulation of the copper enameled wires, before the blank copper wires can be soldered to the amplifier board.
[...] one of the two copper enameled wire ends has a knot. Connect these wires with the positive inputs of your amplifier and the other wire with the negative input of the amplifier

instead of soldering the Ferrite wire to the amp board (PCB16) i burnt the ends and crimped it. 

[Image: CQHzAwd.png]

[Image: KJF38Ju.jpg]

[Image: 4W6pbSS.png]
station 2075 is on. 

[Image: IM7wfGA.png]

image gallery -> https://photos.app.goo.gl/iiSJuowBvufX85HH2

[1] both missing from http://www.blitzortung.org/Compendium/Hardware/, latest capture PCB_20_3 but it is different

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  Setting up an Account for Blitzortung.org
Posted by: GilbertKE - 2017-12-09, 07:54 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (4)

I just finished soldering system blue in Kenya. Now I want to I want to set up an account with Blitzortung, but I don't I can't locate it. On the manual documentation, it is stated: 

"On the web page of the internal web server, you find a link to request an account for Blitzortung.org. Follow the instructions in the email you will receive. The account is associated with your email address.

Where is this "Internal web Server"? and how do I get the link? 


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  Link to request account
Posted by: diaan - 2017-11-30, 17:40 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Hi all,

Got my system blue up and running! 

I see no "link to request an account for Blitzortung.org." 

What am I missing? I have looked everywhere (Except for the right spot, obviously!) but do not see it.

I want to update the firmware since it says "unknown pc board", but cannot download it without an account.

Please assist.

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  Get no IP - What's wrong?
Posted by: glump - 2017-11-28, 13:27 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

Hello community,

  I'm new here and got my kit today and soldered right away.
  It lacks only the 2 filter IC's because I am not clear in which filter I should solder them.
  There are 4 on the circuit board.
  Does not it matter?
  First everything built into the case and then connected a 5V 2A power supply.
  The red power LED lights up and it beeps twice -
  then the mode LED flickers very weak and after some time it beeps again.
  The LEDs on the network socket light or flicker with the traffic on the network.
  Unfortunately, I get from DHCP (SBS Server 2011) obviously no IP address.
  Even a test for a new router with DHCP was unsuccessful.

  Have again taken the board out of the housing and tested all solder joints - looks good.
  Inside, the red LED on the GPS receiver is flashing. There is a new GPS antenna connected.
  The 2 crystals are on the correct position.

  Does anyone have a tip for me ....

  Greetings from Carinthia,

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  Inbetriebnahme blue
Posted by: glump - 2017-11-27, 21:25 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (4)

Hallo Gemeinde,

bin neu hier und habe heute meinen Bausatz erhalten und gleich zusammengelötet.
Es fehlen nur die 2 Filter-IC's da mir nicht klar ist bei welchen Filter ich die einlöten soll. Auf der Leiterplatte gibt es ja 4.
Ist das egal ?
Erstmal alles in das Gehäuse eingebaut und dann ein 5V 2A Netzteil drangehängt.
Die rote Power-LED leuchtet und es piept 2x - danach flackert die Mode LED ganz schwach und nach einiger Zeit piept es nochmals.
Die LED's an der Netzwerkbuchse leuchten bzw. flackern mit dem Traffic am Netz.
Nur leider bekomme ich vom DHCP (SBS Server 2011) offensichtlich keine IP Adresse. Auch ein Test auf einen neuen Router mit DHCP ergab keinen Erfolg.

Hab nun nochmals die Platine aus dem Gehäuse genommen und alle Lötstellen geprüft - sieht gut aus.
Innen blink noch die rote LED beim GPS Empfänger. Da ist eine neue GPS Antenne angeschlossen.

Hat da jemand einen Tipp für mich....

Grüße aus Kärnten,


Sorry für den Doppel-Post E/D - wollte eigentlich den hier löschen finde aber keine Möglichkeit

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  Zero noise, trigger disabled
Posted by: unob01 - 2017-11-18, 15:49 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (1)

I´ve just assembled my System blue (station 2042), I connected E-field pre-amp with wire antenna, but the amplifiers are not receiving any signal (see the photo bellow). Noise level is 0mVpp and the trigger is disabled at all channels. Has anybody any experience with this problem? Thanks for your ideas.

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