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  Sunshine duration
Posted by: Alanpenwith - 2017-11-01, 18:49 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hi All
I hope it is OK to use the forum for this but I thought many of us would be interested in the weather as well as lightning. You may have heard of the Blake Larsen Sunrecorder (I am the Blake part).
See http://www.sunrecorder.net
Our present recorder is being superseded by a professionally made unit so we have a few left to sell at a very reasonable price - 160eu (plus vat for europe). Make contact via the website above.

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  East Africa
Posted by: nvandegiesen - 2017-10-30, 09:52 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

I am new to Blitzortnung and we would like to build a small (5 nodes?) network in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda). We do this from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands. It seems there are not too many stations in that part of the world. Would this be of interest to others as well?
Best - Nick van de Giesen

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Question WANTED! - System Red PCB 12 Amp board
Posted by: Dave.Auld - 2017-10-25, 08:03 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - No Replies

Hi All,

I am looking for a replacement fully assembled working System Red amplifier board PCB 12 Ver.3C

The one I had in Qatar on system 1365 took the worst of the elements and is heavily corroded and non-functional. The system has now moved to Cyprus and looking to resurrect it, but need a replacement amplifier board. I do not have all my tools and soldering stations etc here in Cyprus to try and repair, hence a complete assembled board is what i would like.

The RJ45 is heavily corroded and damaged, so is the USB connector, I also suspect the Reset button is U/S and the gain pot most likely duff.

Has anybody got one spare that they do not need and could send to me? Yes, I can cover costs of postage if required....(via paypal).

Here's in anticipation!


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Posted by: Alanpenwith - 2017-10-22, 09:51 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (1)

Hi All
At risk of suggesting something already well known (though I've not seen it here)  I came across this copper foil. It's self adhesive and ideal for wrapping around a plastic tube.


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  Auswahl des Ethernet-Moduls
Posted by: Rechard83 - 2017-10-20, 14:08 - Forum: Non-English - No Replies

Hallo alle miteinander,

Wenn ich dieses Ethernet-Modul verwende - https://www.icrfq.com/part/2347663-MOD5234_100IR.html , für die drahtlose Fähigkeit, die meine Netz- und Netzbedienerkommunikation automatisch leitet. Wird es gleichzeitig zur Ethernet- und Funkkommunikation aktiv?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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  Desire to Help
Posted by: meawoppl - 2017-10-18, 17:41 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (4)

So after learning about Schumann resonances and starting down the path of building my antennas/amplifier/dsp etc, I came across this group.  I was delighted to discover that this was already a thing people were working on!

So, as a maker of very large (50-70kW) tesla coils (PCB + antenna design), as well as the CTO of a group that manages GB/s of image data per second and PB/year of storage, my question is:

How can I help?

My personal interests lie in sprite-detection and photography Smile

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  Blitzorduck Thoughts
Posted by: Blitzorduck - 2017-10-12, 21:05 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (12)

[Image: Useful%20Tools-M.jpg]
The Little AM Radio can Fill The Bill for a lot of Noise Source Quacking...
...saved a lot of Web Wear on my quacking feet.

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  AI to define lightning properties
Posted by: dagnazza - 2017-10-10, 17:49 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (2)

Since project collected terabytes of data, is it possible to "teach" few algorithms to define stroke properties? Such as negative positive cloud to cloud, any kind, - without getting into physics of the process. I believe patterns are all there. Does anybody know this approach was tested or not? --andrei

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  Upload Bandwidth
Posted by: Alanpenwith - 2017-10-06, 07:40 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - No Replies

Hi All
I use a satellite broadband link and it is quite limited on upload bandwidth. I have set the Send Traffic Threshold to 100% but are there any other tips for reducing the upload traffic . Unfortunately I am having to run in Monitor mode a lot of the time which rather defeats the object of system.

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  Lightningmaps realtime page is down
Posted by: mwaters - 2017-09-28, 22:25 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

It's been that way for a couple of hours.

So has https://www.lightningmaps.org/blitzortun...o_sid=1977 and similar pages.

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