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  Getting Participant status. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
Posted by: michidragon - 2018-09-15, 18:19 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (15)

So from what I can tell, to get my forum account to 'Participant' status (which I am; station 2284) - I'm supposed to log in to the blitzortung.org site, then once I can see the 'User Area' (where I define my antennas, station details, etc) - I navigate to Further Info -> Forum. 

I've done this … many times, but still my account is a "General User" and I can't get into the station areas...

I've tried the navigation from 3 different machines so it's not a matter of clearing browser cache.

Am I doing something wrong here? Missing a step?


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  New member, having some problems with H-field big interference bursts..
Posted by: michidragon - 2018-09-14, 04:10 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (35)

So I noticed some threads about interference on Blue were moved to forums I can't access, so I hope i'm not doing this wrong. (I tried to navigate from the Member area to the forum to link my account as a Participant but it doesn't seem to have worked... Tried a few times..)

I got my Blue board finished yesterday (with the LTC filter chips on each channel, and so far two ferrite rods at 90 degrees horizontal; and the amplifier attached tot he H-field port via about 1m of Cat5e cable.)

Results have not been so good.  The unit has been going into Interference Mode (Burst) quite quite often and the stroke level compared to the station mean is very low. (My station is 2284, by the way.)

I did un-knot the knots on the ferrite rod leads, because I was worried this may somehow mess with the signal (I know now that that's unlikely to be the case and was probably a bad idea as it weakened the wire; at least the ferrite rods are not too rare right now) - but I did connect the knotted leads to + on channels A and B.  

I did NOT solder the jumper pads on channels A and B on the back of the H-field amp as I interpreted this as needing to be done for loop antennas only.  I don't know if I read this wrong.

Anyhow, performance has not been good. In automatic mode the system would just go into burst interference mode quite a bit.  In Manual, with default settings, less so, but I presume this isn't ideal in terms of gain being adjusted.

I've tried to figure out what's causing the interference. At first I was worried that I soldered on one of the filter chips wrong (The orientation is correct, i'm sure of, but maybe there was a bridge or I heated one of the chips too much - ) but for sure the interference signal stops the second I disconnect the H-field antenna.

(I do not currently have E-field set up but I will shortly.)

Anyhow, it seems that if I have the H-field antenna a certain level low to the ground, the burst mode interference begins;  if I elevate it too much, the burst mode interference begins as well.  For now I have it at a 'medium point' where it doesn't seem to detect this interference, (which honestly is about 5 feet off the ground) - but it seems that detection is very low.

Is there anything obvious here I'm doing wrong?  If the ferrite rod leads come close to eachother in my (pvc pipe) H-field frame, is that going to cause a problem? Did I need to solder the jumper pads?  Is the knot anything more than an indicator? 

Sorry for all the questions, I spent a very long time waiting to become part of the Blitzortung project so I am very motivated to get my station working well... just of course there is going to be a learning curve here.


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  Logging in problem
Posted by: Doc - 2018-09-12, 14:34 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (7)

Registered a couple of days ago.  Cannot log-in from opening page, get the error message that I am not registered.  If I go to the email I received with the URL link, I am told there is no need as I am already registered.  If I go to the 'Log In' button on that page, I am logged in.  I am confused  Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.    "Doc"

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  Ferrite, leads
Posted by: de37421 - 2018-09-11, 18:21 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (3)

I am new, I just got the blue kit.

The ferrite antenna has two bare copper wires.  One wire has an overhand knot, I assume it is to signify that wire is different from the non knotted wire.
Does it make any difference which wire goes to solder pad +1 and which goes to solder pad -1? I read elsewhere that the loop antennas can be attached either way so I think these probably don't matter either.

Concerning the GPS antenna, does it make any difference whether the antenna is amplified or not?  I have ordered one with 25db gain.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KDH...UTF8&psc=1
but it is inexpensive and I can get another if preferable.


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  Am I a good candidate?
Posted by: jchonig - 2018-09-02, 13:17 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

I received my invitation for a System Blue and am doing my homework.  I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

I am 3km from antenna towers broadcasting on 1160kHz at 5000W, is that an issue?

My house and pasture is surrounded by electric fence for sheep and dogs, closest it comes to the house is about 15-20m.  I get arching when wires touch and when vegatation grows onto the fence.  Will I be able to compensate for interference this close and still be a useful contributor?



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  How to Pay with Paypal?
Posted by: k2ors - 2018-09-01, 22:28 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hello the list,
       I received an invitation yesterday to buy a system blue and would like to order using PayPal.
Can anyone give me the instructions on how to pay? I need to know what email or Paypal user i.d. to send the payment to.

Thank you

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  biete digitale Filter LTC1569-7
Posted by: Netti14 - 2018-09-01, 18:08 - Forum: Non-English - No Replies

Da ich eine größere Menge dieser Filter bestellt habe, kann ich euch das Stück für 4,80€ Freundschaftspreis anbieten.
Wer mehr benötigt, einfach melden! Versand kommt dazu, als Brief (Einwurfeinschreiben), oder wenn gewünscht auch gerne als Paket. Selbstkosten kommen drauf!

Gruß Carsten

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  New dynamic map
Posted by: JROST - 2018-08-31, 11:49 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (11)

Hello all,

I just saw that on the site a new dynamic map had appeared.

It is a flat map with the administrative division of the communes.

Why not add this to the previous one that contained the relief?

Best regards

Jean-Luc Rostini

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  try to get back
Posted by: LeeJerry - 2018-08-28, 13:19 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

I was trying to get back into BT after some. I was one of if not the first in Australia back in the day of system 1 I think I was 602 if I rember correct. And now I try to get back in and it says 'you are 56&* somthing?? Why?? If you dont wont people back in just say it.  Anyway what ever. I am not going to beg. just think it's very strange. Good on you..

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Posted by: i11noise - 2018-08-25, 16:01 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (3)

[Image: gplus476851455.jpg]
16 of august 2018
Kiev Ukraine

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