PCB 12 ver 3c advice
(2015-01-15, 08:39)orion_jb2001 Wrote: Whilst using an old magnifying light setup (really old, incandescent blubs.. lol), in building the PCB12 ver 3c amp, an IC was put in the wrong spot. I managed to get the IC back off and placed where it should be in IC2, but in the process, pulled up some circuit board tape. The relevant IC is IC2 dual op amp MCP6292. The relevant problem regarding the circuit tape lifting is (looking from top, antennae to left, RJ45 to the right) is the bottom right hand corner of IC2. The tape leads to Capacitor 6. Now I have ordered a spare PCB12 ver 3c from Egon as the board failed power up test. My belief was the IC did not survive the removal/replacement and the circuit board tape were issues. All other parts are going ok in construction, a new mag light system with LED lights much better!!! Smile Now between construction of different parts, I have again revisited the ver 3c board. Now I have managed to connect a wire bridge from the bottom right hand corner (diagonally opposite the indent) to Capacitor 6. I have also touched up some of the solder joints. To my surprises, the PCB now passed initial power up, as described in the blitz system red assembly.

HuhHuh My questions are, if that IC2 is damaged, would the unit succeed in the initial power up check? The circuit lead that went from that bottom right hand corner IC2 and C6, if that is not working, what will such a non connection cause in the system, what isn't going to work? Looking at the circuit diagram for 12 ver 3c, I can see a connection between the IC2 and C5 & 6, but I am not sure if this connection has not been successful with the wire bridge, what issues this will cause to the amp? I am hoping that the board might be right and I will be able to at least connect and test the system but my intention it to carefully construct the replacement PCB 12 ver 3c and use it in the final completed system. I have doubts about IC2 and that wire bridge.


See attached ckt, and good luck.

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