Using Wire Shark to recover your IP address
I mentioned that I had one screwup in a previous post. I unchecked DHCP and didn't pay attention to (or set) the IP address that Blue defaults to. It's easy to recover from such a mistake

Using Wire Shark I was able to recover the IP and set it to something my network would like in less than 5 minutes. This is how I did it-

Assuming Wire Shark is already installed

(1) Connect the computer LAN port directly to the LAN port on the Blue with a Cat 5 cable. Do not use a switch. Connect port to port so that there is no other network traffic.

(2) Start Wire Shark. Make sure you tell it to use the LAN port

(3) BTW- You'll need to know what your laptop IP address is. If you don't know how to find that then this process probably isn't going to work.

(4) Watch the packets scrolling thru and look for an IP address that isn't your laptops IP address. Write that down. 

(5) As an example, if your laptop is and you see then your Blue is on the .233 address. Write it down. To connect to Blue you have to change your laptop to something in the same subnet. So...

(6) Shut Wire Shark down (and give it a hug for being so good). Change your laptop IP to 192.168.1. something other than 233. .200 would be fine. 

(7) Open a browser, put in the address and rejoice when the Blue config screen pops up 

Pretty easy...
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