SMD Soldiering
I've used paste with mixed results. Allegedly it doesn't keep well. I think mine is still good after a year in the refrigerator, maybe. That's what all the SMD soldering experts say, at least those that I've read from or watched on YouTube anyway.

I have more tombstoning with paste than if just tack a pair of corners, slather the pins in flux, and drag solder (don't like drag soldering). I've used paste and an oven made for SMD soldering. Too tedious for my liking.

I like my microscope. I can solder an 0201 component if I have to (if it makes it to the board). I use .4mm solder (.015") and that looks huge under the microscope. I use a very, very fine tip (T-30-1 Hakko), 0.1mm, and that looks huge under the microscope. To give you an idea about the size of an 0201 part - a resistor is 0.3mm wide x 0.6mm long (.012" x .024"). I don't like to solder components that small.
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