Accuracy question
First, the Blitzortung website / applications, currently, only display Cloud to Ground lightning strokes....
Earthnetworks / WeatherBug adds what it refers to as "In-Cloud" sferics... which may or may not include 'intra-cloud' or Cloud to Cloud sferics... design and operation, then, the commercial network will "detect' / 'locate' and display more sferics in a given cell, or area, than Blitzortung will calculate and display.

Second, there is an attempt to compare a Commercial,  expensive, tightly monitored technology driven by EarthNetworks with
with a hobbyist, experimental, volunteer, non-commercial, low cost World Wide CG detection system.... Blitzortung.... which at any given moment may have operators experimenting with various paradigms, equipment, location, antennas, and  operational parameters.  That's one main purpose of the project....

The premises are totally different. 

Earthworks  sells a suite of  data streams, and provides much more data to it's subscribers at a corresponding dramatic cost difference.  

A better comparison,  if you insist on such, might be noted by utilizing the site,
,,, you'll want both the normal Blitzortung data, and the Experimental data... at the upper left of the display, mouseover the strokes/min/second counter next to the 'I' icon... under l"live data';.. make sure 'both' is ticked....

Note that the 'experimental' data characteristics may change at times, since it's .. well... experimental.. Big Grin

Note that the WeatherBug name etc was sold by EarthNetworks to a advertising and marketing company, and receives it's data from Earthnetworks ...  it is branded as a subsidiary of something called "groundtruth Inc"... .

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