New member, having some problems with H-field big interference bursts..
(2018-10-03, 15:05)Tomforti Wrote: Hello,

New to the group and trying to get my blue system setup correctly. I currently have it up in NJ, USA but will be moving it down to LaPaz, Bolivia in the next months. Setup is two rods in attic and E antenna is in the far corner of the attic away from as much as possible (i know this isn't ideal but just trying to get everything set up, tested and understand how to adjust the settings before moving it). I have set up in manual mode and have a signal but i am not sure if what i am seeing is interference or just a ton of lighting that it is picking up. last night there was a storm so i was getting around 350/sec following the storm it dropped down to about 30/sec and was running normally.  i thought i had things looking good but this morning not so much as it is back up at 120/sec. My station is 2302, could someone take a look and give some advice.
Thank You

1A - 4*4*40 = 640 - 100mv
1B - 1*1*40 = 40 - 100mv
1C - 4*2*40 = 320 - 110mv
Only DSP filter on

Tomforti, first thing to do is register your controller to become an operator.
This will give you access to the Internal forum where there are much more information. The Internal forum is where we discuss technical stuff.


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