Earth connection
(2018-12-30, 07:35)vk2him Wrote: I found much lower noise when I connected my Blue system to earth - I used the earth from the power socket by using a power plug with only the earth connected. My e-field probe is made from 2.5mm wire and is 200mm long  edit 100mm - I have it mounted on my roof as it must be a few metres above the ground to work properly. It's connected using quad shield coax - it works 3 times better than my h-field ferrites - I could disconnect them and not miss any strikes. I'm down south near Wollongong.

Many thanks for your reply via Blitzortung.
And also for the earthing comments.
I have the E field sensor encased in poly-pipe and it is high in a tree in my front yard.
I have had to disconnect my H field loops (more below) and have not connected my e-field sensor till now,
as I had a display of Christmas lights in the front yard. I was concerned that the currents in these would give false triggering.
So now, having taken all that down, the E-field sensor is connected.
It seems to be giving reasonable signals, but I think a "long" wire vertical will be a better idea.
When I looked at the signals it looked like 50Hz interference being received, until I realised that the horizontal axis is in microseconds, and not milliseconds.
So I guess it is working OK.
Two projects to come - (1) connect an earth, and maybe the way you have done it is best, rather than a stake, and (2) a longer wire for the E-field antenna.
I've only had the E-field connected for a few hours, so it remains to be seen how good a sensor it is, and if better with the longer wire.

I had the H-field antennae working very well.
I used crossed 1m square loops in 3-dimensions, 7 turns each of heavy enameled copper.
They loops were under the eaves, as was the GPS antenna (brilliant little helical).
I decided to move the loops out clear of the house for a better "view" and had the H-amps enclosed in a sealed box.
Well, the sealing didn't turn out to be as good as I hoped!!!
And water got in to the pre-amp 3-channel H board. Not too much, but enough to give nasty tracking down the board.
However much I cleaned it (toothbrush and elbow grease) it hasn't worked since, although its LED shows power.
So this will have to be replaced. 

Anyhow, many thanks for your response.
I'll implement the earth, and also increase the antenna size.
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