Earth connection
(2018-12-30, 08:37)cjabar Wrote: I'll implement the earth, and also increase the antenna size.

Trust me that when it comes to the E-Field, larger is not better! It's not actually an antenna, it's a probe that measures the change in current charge rather than receiving a "radio" signal - It's also why you need the probe a few metres above ground. As a guide, my 100mm probe is picking up strikes consistently from NZ, Papua NG, Indonesia and the whole Australian continent. I live in a rural area with a few electric fences around me and connecting the earth reduced the noise from these. I have my E channel gains set to 16x10 with threshold of 90 mV with 18mVPP noise.

How long is your E field? P.S. I have a set of Christmas Solar LED lights permanently connected around the edge of my deck and they never cause any noise.
PPS - I can't find your station listed in this list which is odd? My Station is usually near the top indicating relatively good performance.

- Cheers Ian
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