what does preferentially mean?
(2016-08-16, 16:27)boergefischer Wrote: When I re-enter my e-mail address to query my rank I get this: "Your request is ranked at position 955 of 1243"
But at the end it also says: "Your request will be treated preferentially, since you have allread submitted your email before July 5. 2016."

Can anybody explain what this mean?
Do I get treated ahead of the normal queue (of 1243 persons)?
And if that is the case, what is my real rank?

I no longer recall when I entered my e-mail address for the first time (before the ranking was introduced), but I do have a e-mail reply from Egon dated 10. August 2014 explaining that systems are sold out.
So after trying to order a system two years ago, I'm now number 955 in the queue?

Remember that the list only ranked submissions later than July 5. So you actually have preference over whoever is Number 1 on that list...
Where that would be, I'm not sure. 
As I understand it, something like this:
1) the pioneer GREEN System Operators,
2) then requests (generally)  for regions where there is presently NO station or very low station density
3) kit requests from those prior to July 5th, as in your case
4) kit requests from the July 5th list that aren't covered under #3
with similar #1 and #2 priorities.  For example a "Green System" replacement would go before #1 on the list.
**ANY defective or 'blown' stations that need replacing have priority, also.

Note that many requests prior to the July 5th,  will be "double listed", as in your case....
...that July 5th ranking was instituted as a convenience to 'later' folks, and in some respects has no
relationship to the 'first kits shipped', which go to the 'prior' folks.
Note also that he won't ship any kits that have not had payment confirmed.


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