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Hi Members,

I'm new and want to find out if there is any experience with export regulations. I'm thinking about building up a system and shipping it afterwards to friends in India that are doing hard to assemble a divice but would be able to operate it. Is it possible to export a device e.g. to india easily? Are the parts or the complete product "safe" or will it be treated as a critical device and blocked at the customs?

Any info is appreciated.

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Hi Michael, Thanks for being willing to help with the hobby by building a board set for enthusiasts elsewhere.

You didn't say where you were, USA I assume from your English?

If so, I would call the post office (where I took a board to ship back to Germany) and they might have more information but the ultimate authority of course would be customs.  I don't have an exact answer, but you might find leads here:


Good luck and keep the network growing!
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(2017-07-25, 23:36)Dale.Reid Wrote: ...
You didn't say where you were, USA I assume from your English?

Hi Dale.Reid,
thanks for the fish, I'm located in Germany :-)
The post office might nevertheless be a good tip. Thanks.
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Generally there is a customs form clearance you need to complete.

But after a quick search, India seems to be very strict with imports.

Maybe you could also ask your friend.
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