Africa Region?
I am in Kenya. Do we have a way of updating my region here to Africa? 


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Hello GilbertKE,

I'm for Reunion island.
We (I'm not alone with this project) just received 3 stations to deploy on Reunion Island (2051, 2052, 2053).

There was already one station (loop antenna) on the island, I just installed one (2052, testing with a ferrite antenna in the house, should be improved soon), and the two other stations (with loop antenna) should be soon online.

This should improve ligntning detection in Africa (and Madagascar, I hope).

I asked Egon to add our 3 stations to the Africa region (and Asia and Oceania because of the position of Reunion island in Indian Ocean)

What about the station in Kenya/Rwanda ? Some are offline, are they going to be online soon and more often ? It should really be a nice start of an African network with the station of Malawi and East London (South Africa) ! Smile

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