Options below Day/Night missing from cell phone access
(2019-04-30, 12:37)JerryR Wrote: Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to join this forum. Thanks for allowing me in.

I apologize if this question has been already asked somewhere but I have not been able to locate it if so.
I am accessing the real-time lightning map both from my PC and from my Android cell phone.
On the PC, below the configuration menu that has Map Brightness, Day/Night, and Rain Radar, I can see these options.
On my cell phone they don't show up.

Am I doing something wrong or is that intentional? Just wondered if I could get these options to show up on the cell phone.
To browse the real-time map on my cell phone, I am using Google's built in Chrome app.

Thanks for any help you can offer and kind regards!

Heh.. well, welcome aboard..
Lightnmaps.org works ok on my Andriod.. but I can't even open the new vector Blitzortung Map.. so you're a step ahead, if it's the Blitzortung Vector you're speaking about...

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