New station....not showing up on maps
(2014-09-28, 23:33)W3DRM Wrote:
(2014-09-28, 22:27)Geewizard Wrote: Thanks Don. I'll switch over to the internal forum.

Ok, now my station is showing up as participating in locations. The only parameter I changed was enabling the DHCP option.

And......where IS the internal forum?

Looks like you found it! Big Grin

I believe DHCP does need to be checked in the settings. Also, don't forget to save your changes so should the controller reboot you won't lose your settings. Your signals look pretty good although I do see a pretty big and persistent spike around 68-70Khz. Are you near a computer or other electronic devices?

I am near my PC so that makes sense. How do you see that spectral plot?
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