programming procedure
I'm a newby here with completed hardware that seems to check out all right.

Does the first step in programming (after obtaining a user account) involve downloading the firmware from the Blitzortung "service" area? If so, where should this best be placed in one's computer? Does entering it later as a "program" require its location info (in the form of file links? Or can one just use the name Firmware.bin?

I plan to use the STM32 link utility.

Any guidance appreciated.

As written in the documentation, pages 66 to 69, download the firmware file in the service area of the website. You can save it whereever you want, for example on your desktop.

After having connected the STM mini-usb jack to your computer, open the Stlink Utility and go to Target => Program.
There, chose the bin file downloaded previously and click start.

Disconnect the board from the computer and power on the system by the on board usb jack.

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