Unable to bring up web interface?

I have just got my system blue (PCB 19.3b) powered up (I'm using a genuine Samsung phone charger capable of about 2 amp output) and I can't seem to access the web interface...
The lights come on as expected and I am using 'Advanced IP Scanner' to find the IP address, which it does all ok, but when I put that IP address into Internet Explorer, the website never appears.

Any ideas?

Hmm, it seems my phone can bring the webpage up, but my computer cannot. Both in Firefox or Internet Explorer. I'll have to dig deeper into my computer...

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Reinstalled Windows (it was about time anyway) and it's now all working perfectly.
Not to work on lowering my noise floor... Smile
Double post....
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I've narrowed it down to Avast antivirus causing problems.

Is there any way to find out the details of the webpage in the unit? Maybe there's something about it that the antivirus doesn't like......
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I would assume Avast would have a place to whitelist the website which would be the IP address.
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