Image with statistical information
Hello Egon,

recently I asked about the drops to zero in the statistics_1 diagram regarding the green line (involved/valid).

This morning I compared two graphs of my station 2065 and station 1989 in a distance of 71 km to mine.
The screenshot is made from Beyond Compare. To the left station 2065, to the right station 1989, in the bottom the comparison of both.
Some arrows in yellow have been added by myself in order to highlight the drops to zero which are common to both stations.
It appears that several of the drops to zero are synchronous for both stations. For this reason I assume the issue could be located in the server.


Best regards
Stations: 2065, 2398, 2729, 3058
I just found this page: . Why is it not linked in a prominent place or am I blind?

But: The graphs are exactly what I searched for 3 years ago. And the description is very helpful if you want to interpret the data in the right way (including the comment about stations far away, which is really a huge hurdle). Thanks Egon for creating this. I love it.

Supporting the first station in India 1974
One finding: If one forgets the station number or (even worse) has a typo in the URL, then he might get a statistics of another station:
show the statistics of station 2656 instead. Not sure why I used "stations" instead of "station" but I would want to get an error message instead of just a different result.
I propose that you remove the defaults for station. If header is off, then I would not have recognized that fast :-D.
Supporting the first station in India 1974
interesting, and some storm coming over Europe .. see how it behaves  Cool
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