GPS Type for System Blue 20.6
I'm a newbie here so please excuse me if this is a duplication.  I did perform a search but didn't find anything.

I'm getting conflicting information regarding an appropriate GPS antenna for System Blue PCB 20.6.  Do I need an active or a passive antenna?  At one point I read the GPS needs to run on 3 VDC, yet I don't measure any voltage on the SMA connector on the board, and looking at the schematic it appears the GPS RX chip might already be on the board so passive would be what I need.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I use this one It is cheap and good enough for me. System PCB 19.4.

At the moment my GPS avaiability is not the best one. This is beacuse the antenna is "looking out of the window" in my cellar. With a clear view to the sky I have close to 100% availabiity, GPS, Glonass and Galileo.

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Gerbold steered you in the right direction. You will need an active antenna with a SMA connector.
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Thank you, guys. I appreciate the help.

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