Question on lightning.
Has anyone on here ever had their tent struck by lightning? If so, what happens? Does it ravage the tent? Were you okay inside and the tent poles channeled the electricity into the ground? Or are you pretty much toast if your tent gets struck with you in it?
I’m curious. Last weekend I got caught in a wicked thunderstorm that seemed to strike very close to my tent. I was on top of a barren plateau so the tent was one of the taller objects around. I minimized my space and stayed on my sleeping pad for insulation, but was still terrified until the storm passed. What is proper protocol in this situation?Note: Link removed by Admin


I'm Urs, a mountaineer and peak-bagger from Delémont. In the 90s I was in the Never Summers and met a couple who were in their tent when it was struck on the same day later (two days later, I saw it in the newspaper). The bulk of lightning injuries may happen due to ground current. You need to keep your feet as close as possible and minimize your contact with the ground.

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