3.3 Mh Inductors for Main Board and E-field

.jpg   E-field.jpg (Size: 815.76 KB / Downloads: 23) Folks, I am stumped.

Have both board soldered and ready to go, sands the inductors for the main board and the e-field antenna.

Where the heck am I supposed to attach the inductors , directly the L403 component, or to the THT components just below it.

The same on the E-field board  - there are two THT slots.  But the same bar on L1.  The holes do not seem to be right.

It is possible I am reading the instruction incorrectly.  But man I am stumped.

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You have a newer board version... L1 and L403 replaced by 100uH (0805) SMD on board.
If you've got the older biggies, save 'em for another project.

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they are not THT inductors in the bag, they are electrolytic capacitors. These must be soldered to the mainboard, taking into account the correct polarity.

On the new boards, the THT inductions L403 and L1 have been replaced by SMD inductions. By the way, the values of the SMD Inductionen are not 100uH but 1mH. Something is mixed up here in the discussion.

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