Newsletter 1/2015
(2015-07-05, 11:53)BDNL Wrote:
(2015-07-01, 11:40)Cutty Wrote:
(2015-07-01, 10:46)cg617 Wrote: I see has changed the wording in 'Cover your Area' regarding availability.  Hopefully this means a 'go date' is now being considered or on the horizon.


Don't read too much into that.... just a rewrite...
System Blue is still very much in 'pre-production' development stage... but getting there... This has been a very busy year for the developers, out side of the "Blitzortung Project', so it is somewhat behind anticipated schedule...   Stay Tuned!

I completely understand that you are busy with your real life responsibilities, but I hope that you will understand as well that for those who have been waiting very long now (including me) in order to start participating, it becomes very frustrating to see these delays continuously build upon each other.
Yes, we do, as volunteer participants in a volunteer hobby network.. we also feel what you feel. -- even many of us with currently operating systems.  We also eagerly await "Blue".... . 

Please remember, also, that BLUE has major differences from the RED and GREEN concepts, and must "WORK" upon delivery to those who order 'pre-built' assemblies... If all interested parties were capable of building and fabricating an SMD system as complex as Blitzortung BLUE will be, I'm quite sure Kits would be nearing availability....
However, the testing, pre-production, legal hoops to jump through, etc, for such a concept as BLUE invariably require a longer time frame than what one might desire, or pencil in on a calendar. 

Please remain patient.  It will be worth the wait! Shy  


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