Newsletter 1/2015
(2015-07-05, 19:16)WagnerRu Wrote: Hi Cutty,

very clear and I had something similar in mind. And once again we all and me in special can offer support.

We all have real life expertise in various areas, this includes but is not limited to contacts for logistics, rigid/Flex PCB OEM, packing etc., this should be used as we are all happy to support.

If you / the developers have a special area with a need for support / contacts they should let us know. As stated before, the general help offers are not followed up - for good reasons, onboarding takes time and efforts which might be better invested to the project itself.

But specials topics might be "outsourced" as we all just have one goal : the blue system in place and working adding value to that project.


So True...
... and the level of talent, background, knowledge generally among the operators is incredible.  What unknown jewels remain in the 'non-operator' public arena will be discovered with the advent of Blue???

The three (main) developers, Egon, Tobi, Richo, and some (more or less anonymous) members of the 'developers' bunch unfortunately have little time to monitor the forums, Facebook, etc, so they depend on a few folks to spread "rumors and propaganda" as best we can...  but 'security' and privacy are paramount, so they're pretty picky about what might be called "inner circles" and "outer inner circles", and "inner-outer" circles.  You can imagine why...

It has to be that way...
So keep posting... respond to inquiries with your best shot... heck, If I and, others who work the forums as we can, were correct all the time, there'd be absolutely no need for the "development" team to respond... we're not, and won't be, and take our lumps when we are in error... (I'm pretty lumpy... .) 

Get noticed... in other words...  they'll let you know!



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