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(2015-02-14, 05:17)Lawrence Stoskopf Wrote: Put a different ST32 in.  Came up with a Hard fault error and kept rebooting.  Erased the memory and reinstalled over and over.  Occasionally got a log in or entry page which lasted part of a second.  Finally on about the 15th reset it came up with a firm Controller ID.  Will let it burn in, box up the amp, etc and move it to a remote location.  Will need to use an outside antenna.  Not sure to use the one on the board outside.  Thanks for the help and good documentation.  N0UU

Hi Lawrence,

This is not a very usual case so please know that there are some issues with your system. I'm not sure whey you would get a login page which only show for a few seconds. I'm not sure but just curious as to why and how did it finally work? Did you change something which made it come up with a Controller ID? It should always simply show the ID when inquiry is made instead of having to erase the memory over an over. I doubt that the memory is getting erased properly, it just be erasing the index. 

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