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(2015-02-18, 15:09)Jim Mandaville Wrote: I'm operating a new station with everything apparently going okay. Could someone please explain how to access one's web interface? My browser is Mac Safari. I find the IP on the LCD of my controller. Do I use the first line of the IP only? Do I need to use the subnet mask and gateway, also? So far, using the first line of the IP found on the LCD I am not reaching the web interface. Does one have to enter this while inside someplace? So far I am just trying to use my Mac Safari browser. Any guidance appreciated.

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I also use a Mac and have no problems accessing the web interface, assuming that both your Mac and your controller are plugged into the same network then you should just need to enter the IP address in the address bar on Safari.
It is possible that your controller is not getting an IP address from your router, if that is the case then you either need to enable DHCP in the router settings (and possibly the controller if you have changed the default setting) or change the controllers IP to match your subnet (first 3 groups of address the same as the Mac, last group set to a number higher than 001 and less than 255, and also one that is not being used by anything else on your network)
Hope that helps a bit.

Nb if you are trying to access it from outside your network then it gets more complicated, you would need to forward port 80 in your router to the IP address assigned to the controller and then browse the WAN address that your ISP assigned to your router, however this can leave your network open to hackers if you are not very careful. (DONT do it unless you are very sure you understand the risks)
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