Station near an electrified railway
(2015-07-01, 22:38)Huge Wrote: I'm near a station, so the trains are often pulling quite a large amount of current as the accelerate away from it, and they can usually be seen to make quite large sparks on the overhead line as they do so. Would this sort of thing, in close proximity to a detector, cause a problem?

Great Question! ...

If you see arcs and sparks, then you see 'lightning'....  Yep, the system will have a lot of noise.. at 15m.  Even with no train there'll be some degree of noise under certain conditions!  I've a factory a km away that uses welders on a specific assembly line at times, that can drive my system crazy.  Suggest look for alternate location, a long, long way off! You DON't have to site the system in your house... Anywhere that has power and internet access can be used to operate and control the system at that location... we have folks operating systems located on different continents. 

Sorry... no use walking into an obvious noise area!


Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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