System BLUE / capability to handle external RF fields
(2015-07-03, 08:38)RichoAnd Wrote: Our primary interest is in the area 3-300KHz.
Outside this area we absorb very strongly - more than 100dB/octave (done AFTER Pre-Amps)
On the other hand - near a dipole fed with power of 100W, there are several hundreds of volts/meter in the near field.
WORST CASE - Pre-Amps are saturated while keying your transmitter, that it :-)

thanks for comments...

When it is stated like "pre-amp may be saturated" I understood it means actual voltage amplified (from antenna) is too high so that any lightning indication may not be enough to trigger actual detection ?

Is there any experiences from earlier releses, what kind of antenna maybe less sensitive (loop, ferrite, E-field) to strong nearby RF fields - and still has a decent "gain"?
I refer to chapter 4 at project description:

What I understood, it cannot fully be predicted whether the basic unit (or amplifier) of the System Blue -release is capable of handling strong nearby RF fields. I quess it needs an actual testingĀ  - case by case - on planned site location...

The antennas that I mentioned would not be very far from planned location the BO receiver equipment. Not more than 20 meters. Basicly the 50...100W levels, are maximum values. On the transmitters there is possibility to setup also low power levels, if disturbances generated to any other electric equipment...

-Timo K.

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